1. Yeee Hawww!

    A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to shoot a bull riding event down in Pueblo.  Although I’d never shot bull riding, I always thought it looked pretty awesome so I jumped at the chance.  Everything in bull riding happens FAST.  You’ve got about 2 seconds to get your shot before most of the riders are tossed through the air onto their heads.  Amazingly, every single guy got up and walked out of the arena, despite some being knocked out moments before.  Talk about tough, these guys don’t mess around!

    Despite not knowing what to expect, I definitely see what the hype is about now.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to shoot another one soon!

  2. Sooo excited about my first Transworld Japan cover with the man, Sage Kotsenburg!  


  3. This past January, Element Skateboards got in touch with me to shoot paralympic snowboarder, Amy Purdy, for its women’s brand, Element Eden. Andy Orley and I met up with her on a bottomless powder morning to ride with and get to know her. For those that don’t know, Amy lost both of her legs from the knees down due to a bacterial meningitis infection when she was 19. Not one to let little things (like legs) get in her way, she powered on to become one of the fastest females in adaptive snowboarding, bringing home a bronze medal in the recent Paralympic Games in Sochi. More recently, she’s gone on to compete in Dancing With The Stars where it’s looking like she’ll last to the bitter end. Amy was a total pro and an absolute treat to hang around with while Andy and I stuck cameras in her face all day, and I’m holding her to the serious summer road biking that she promised me!

  4. Snow Camping, February 2014.

    Photo ©Dave Lehl


  5. Photo©Davelehl.com

  6. Photo©Davelehl.com

  7. davelehl:

    Mission accomplished! Bagged some bangers with @aaronbiittner and got some super rare and elusive urban shots of @Louievito . A super huge thanks goes out to @chasegarrett23 and @redbullchi for making it all happen and treating us so well. Cheers boys! #redbull #chicagoolympics #dowork

  8. A humongous congratulations goes out to my boy Sage Kotsenburg for bringing home the first ever gold medal in slope style! Couldn’t have happened to a better dude! You deserve it, man!
    We got this shot last June (yes, June) for the Transworld Photo Annual. Sage drove all the way from Salt Lake City just to get this one shot. Although I’d met him before, I wouldn’t say I really knew him yet. After getting to the spot he wasted no time in starting to build the jump, keeping the atmosphere light with some fun banter. As we finished the booter, the sun was already getting low in the sky. Knowing that we had a limited amount of time to get the shot, Sage jumped right in, sending a couple 3’s over the 12 foot tall stump to warm up. Within a few minutes he was getting inverted and it was ON! He landed a few perfect ones but I was having a tough time nailing the timing. Luckily Sage is a total trooper and a complete pro, so despite the flat landing, he kept sending it over the stump until I finally got the shot we needed. After shooting all afternoon, he jumped back in his truck and booked it back to SLC that night.
    Ever since then, he’s been one of my favorite snowboarders, not just to watch, but for the awesome, positive, creative person he is. Can’t wait to work with him again!!!

  9. Mike Leblanc, February 4, 2014.  Denver, Colorado.

    Photo ©Dave Lehl


  10. Normally I’m not a product shooter, but Boa Technologies got in touch with me this November about shooting a campaign to be placed inside Denver International Airport during ski season. They liked the dark, gritty style I’ve been working on lately and so I jumped at the chance. Here’s what we came up with!